Michael Jordan becomes one of the richest people on the planet

Michael Jordan’s net worth for the last year pushed him as the 1,477th wealthiest person in the world, according to Forbes.

According to Forbes, Michael Jordan made $350M last year alone and currently has a net worth of  $1.65 billion, making Forbes’ billionaires’ list for last month.

The greatest basketball player to ever play the game, may not have success as a General Manager still in Charlotte with the Hornets, but despite the on the court failure, it has been an excellent investment for Jordan off the court.

Besides the Charlotte Hornets, ‘MJ’s’ Nike’s Jordan Brand has also significantly helped him economically. The soaring team value and continued success of Nike’s Jordan Brand pushed Jordan’s net worth to $1.65 billion in Forbes’ billionaires’ list this month. The tally is up $350 million from 12 months earlier. Jordan ranks as the 1,477th wealthiest person in the world, up 90 spots from last year. His rank in the U.S. is No. 455 (the cutoff for the Forbes 400 was $2 billion last year), per Forbes.


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